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Hello friends. =3

Turns out that a friend of mine is in need of funds. She currently lives in Costa Rica, and lately the volcano Turrialba has been erupting for the past few days, spewing a little bit of ash everywhere. Her and her family are planning to travel to the States to get away from the eruption and the earthquakes that occur down there. There is also a form of medication that she needs to help ease her anxiety that apparently is available in the States. But the thing is, she needs to earn her travel funds, and she is unable to get a job at this time. She does, however, plan to get a job during her stay in the US. And so, she is taking commissions. 

This be her dA page: Trust me on this, she's a good artist. While she mainly draws ponies, she has been working on drawing furries, and she's drawn Pokemon in the past.

Here's some examples of her artwork:
:thumb498887269: :thumb519927054: :thumb517926318: 
:thumb508257380: :thumb494363817: :thumb511791641:
:thumb509883030: :thumb519006523:

And a couple of these made it to Equestria Daily's drawfriend. Again I must say that she doesn't want people donating to her, she wants to earn it, and for now this is her best bet. 

Here is her menu that she's created for her commissions with some more examples of her work. Bon Appetit! :D…

I know she'd really appreciate any offers, so you can help her out and get some sweet pics at the same time. Thanks for reading, and God bless! :D
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March 15, 2015


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