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Hello all. 

It's been a while since I posted a journal about one of my :iconknightcommander:/me meetups. Better fix that with the most recent visit.

Wednesday, April 16th:

I would have liked to stay for the whole week but I had my Expository Writing class on Tuesday, and I don't like to miss classes. Early Wednesday morning, Dad drove me to the train station. Got my bags checked, got on board, waved my dad off from the seat of the train, and soon I was off. The ride there was nice. I actually had the row to myself! :D Also watched a DVD (Swan Princess) on a portable dvd player. I made it to Richmond without a hitch, and the face I've been dying to see was right there to greet me (along with the rest of him lol). :heart::heart::iconknightcommander::heart::heart:
We ordered a meal to go from Wendy's. Good thing too. I chose not to get lunch on the train. The ride to Justin's house went smoothly. Upon entering his home, I was given quite a welcome by none other than Justin's new puppy Lexi. I laughed so hard at her jumping up at me and trying to lick me. Plus she was teething a bit. Sharp pointy little teeth. Ouch. Later me and Justin decided to go to the movies to see Rio 2. We made it to the theater but thanks to a mix-up as to to when the movie started, we ended missing the first few minutes of it. The movie was really fun. Lots of music, and the animation was good. Not a bad story either IMO. After the movie, I think we went to Barnes & Noble to see the kind of books that were there. They didn't have the book I was looking for there. Oh well, it was still a good first day of the visit.

Thursday, April 17th:

Zoo day. The last time I visited the Virginia Zoo was during my first big trip to VA Beach last year. I was hoping the weather would be warmer this time around, but turns out it was still pretty chilly. It was a nice visit. One of the first things we saw were male peacocks out loose. Got some cool pics of them. I wish the petting zoo was open. I like to really be with animals. It was still an enjoyable day. I got some sweet silver shark tooth earrings! :D 

Friday, April 18th:

It was Good Friday, and for the past couple of years I have fasted with :iconknightcommander: on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. (Call it Catholic training lol) Anyway, I figured since I'd be out and about a lot that day, I didn't want to tire myself out by not eating. So I skipped fasting. One of my fave places to visit was on the agenda today. The Aquarium. It was pretty much the same as before, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. I looove to see my sharky babies! The sad thing is that fish (especially sharks) are incredibly hard to photograph because they keep moving. At the Aquarium's Marsh Pavilion, we visited the aviary, and got to experience something pretty cool. We got to feed the birds there! :D We fed the birds dead mice, nightcrawlers, cricket, and mealworms. Yes I touched all of those with my bare hands, and yes I sanitized my hands after that. After that we stopped at a local Food Lion to pick up a couple of things. Primarily for the two tubs of ice cream because a tradition that me and Justin have, is to have ice cream sundaes at midnight after a day of fasting. I think Justin had cookie dough ice cream. Even though I didn't fast, I still enjoyed my favorite flavor. Moosetracks! I'm so bad... :XD:

Saturday, April 19th:

That morning, we caught the new MLP: FiM that aired that day. Trade Ya. It was pretty good. Not sure if I'd call it one of my faves. I might have to watch it again sometime. After that we went to Lynnhaven Mall to hang out and shop a bit. We poked around the usual shops. There wasn't much at Hot Topic or the Disney store. We visited Yankee Candle, and I got some pretty awesome scented votive candles. ^^ We also hit the Barnes and Noble that was there, and I FINALLY found the book I was looking for.
WATERSHIP DOWN! :D I love the film and the TV series (which can be found on YouTube), and for a while I've been wanting to read the original tale by Richard Adams himself. I just wish I hadn't spent nearly twenty bucks on it. For the sequel, I might just but it online. Also at the mall, I was pulled over by some guy selling flat irons. I sat in the chair and he flat ironed a bit of my hair. Some other girls also came over to see how nice it looked compared to my usual frizzy-ish hair. And lemme tell ya. This is not the first time that's happened. :XD: Eh, I was gonna flat iron it anyway.

Later we decided to watch one of the DVD I had brought. I had been meaning to show Justin The Prince of Egypt, and it being around Easter/Passover it seemed appropriate. He seemed to like it. After the movie we had to get ready for church. That evening was the Easter Vigil. I wish I had known part of it was gonna be outside. I only brought a skirt and a shirt and shoes to wear there. :iconknightcommander:'s mom, however, was generous enough to lend me some pantyhose, a nice jacket, and an undershirt because apparently I needed a camisole to wear under the shirt I brought. We had our Easter dinner before we left. Very tasty.
The Easter Vigil was lovely. Outside we got to hold candles. ^^ Inside the church we also got to witness a baptism/confirmation that was being held there. After the service, we got to partake in some sort of after-party. They had this fizzy peach drink and it was delicious! And I couldn't help but to partake in some of the sweets. Cupcakes and cookies. Yum.

Sunday, April 20th:

Easter. My departure day. I was surprised and pleased to see there was a pink gift bag serving as an Easter basket full of goodies. I figured I'd be getting one at home, but this was a really nice surprise. =3 For breakfast we went to IHOP. I had a Belgian waffle. Sooo good. After breakfast, :iconknightcommander:'s dad took both of us to the train station. There was a bit of a hiccup on the way. We ran into some really heavy traffic and we took an alternate route to avoid even more traffic. I was sooo scared that I was gonna miss the train. We managed to make it to the station with a few minutes to spare. Unfortunately, it was too late to get my bags checked in. I had no choice but to carry them on the train along with my other belongings that I usually take aboard. After me and Justin shared a hug and kiss goodbye, I boarded the train that would take me home. It wasn't easy getting my heavy bags onto the train, but I managed. I also managed to find a seat. Not to myself, but the girl sitting next to me was pretty cool. She was in to photography. We got along really well. She even took interest in a movie I watched during the ride. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Love that movie! The girl said that she remembered seeing the movie when she was younger. After she got off the train, I had the row to myself again. I can't remember if I got something to eat there or not. Justin's mom packed me a little lunch to take onboard. But I do remember also watching Anastasia on the way home. After I arrived in Charlotte, Dad was already there to pick me up. We made it back to the house and there was my family, some leftover Easter dinner, and an Easter basket (WITH FROZEN!) waiting for me. All in all, a good time.

Also during the trip, Justin was nice enough to look at a book that he had that was useful for a research paper I had to write. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

You can find :iconknightcommander:'s side of the story here:…

Love you lots hon! :huggle: :smooch:
I think next time, you ought to visit me! x3
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